On International Women’s Day we should be celebrating women of the past and considering what next? With iDebate’s public debate ‘Should the airbrushing of women’s bodies in the media be banned?’ we took the latter course with a debate about fashion, the media, and the industries that encourage women, particularly young women, to believe they should strive to be prefect.

March 09, 2018

March 8th is International Women’s Day and iDebate will be debating 'Should the airbrushing of womens' bodies in the media be banned?’ With the recent revelations of sexual abuse across wide swathes of culture, politics, and of course the media should we be considering how women are portrayed in the media. It can be argued that airbrushing objectifies women by making is seem like they must look like a certain ideal. An ideal that is often dictated by men, part of the power disparity and culture that has led to sexual abuse.

February 07, 2018