What are the issues that matter to young college students today? The Student Association at Hackney Community College set out to find out in a wide ranging debate with iDebate as part of the Hackney Students’ Conference.

At least 110 students from across the college showed up. The result was a vibrant debate where everyone could take part and give their opinions. The issues ranged from the important current affairs to the personal.

May 15, 2018

Every year Hackney Community College runs a Student Conference with a wide variety of activities, meetings, and workshops and this year IDEA UK was there. Trainer Bien King and Programmes Manager Alex Helling lead sessions throughout the day. Training on the basics of debate took place in the morning with 8 participants. There were discussions on the consequences of the recent terrorist attack on Westminster; should it be used to justify giving more powers to the police over messaging applications such as whatsapp?

March 31, 2017