Improve your skills in debating European issues in our March training for Coaches. IDEA UK is part of a network of IDEA offices, one of which, IDEA Netherlands, is running a Europe for Citizens debating programme on issues connected to Europe through 2018 and into 2019. IDEA UK is part of it and we want you to take part in it too. While the biggest issue to do with Europe in the UK is Brexit that does not mean that it is what we have to debate – as a EU wide project most participants won’t be debating anything to do with Brexit so there is no obligation for us to do so.

March 01, 2018

Colchester, just an hour by train away from iDebates offices in the City of London it seems odd then that June 3rd was to be the first time we had run a Introduction to Debate workshop there. We were invited by the Young Art Kommunity and grassroots youth led group TeenSpeech to raise awareness of political debate at the amazing Firstsite contemporary art gallery in the centre of the oldest recorded town in Britain, 'Camulodunum' or as we know it today Colchester.

A Busy Day

June 05, 2017