Improve your skills in debating European issues in our March training for Coaches. IDEA UK is part of a network of IDEA offices, one of which, IDEA Netherlands, is running a Europe for Citizens debating programme on issues connected to Europe through 2018 and into 2019. IDEA UK is part of it and we want you to take part in it too. While the biggest issue to do with Europe in the UK is Brexit that does not mean that it is what we have to debate – as a EU wide project most participants won’t be debating anything to do with Brexit so there is no obligation for us to do so.

March 01, 2018

You might think that dialogue and our own core focus of debate are the same, or at least very similar. But the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change yesterday assured us that while there are some common elements they are not at all the same. The Institute provided a capacity building workshop for iDebate's Debate Coaches and Fellows with training into using dialogue to support young people to be resilient to extremist idealogies. 

So what is dialogue?

May 25, 2017

iDebate (IDEA UK) has moved office from Collaboration House in London's trendy Fitzrovia to our new 'meantime' space in the City of London. Our beloved Collaboration House is being redeveloped and we look forward to moving back in two years time to en exciting collaborative community space for charities working together to build open and tolerant societies led by The Fayre Share Foundation.

Collaboration House

May 17, 2017