Academic year 2016-17


2016-17 was an expanded pilot year for the World Debate Club with many clubs not starting until late in the year. Programmes started in Hackney Community College, City and Islington Sixth Form, and Queens Park Community School from the start of October. In 2017 they were joined by clubs in the Hammersmith campus of West London College, City and Islington Centre for Applied Sciences, Avanti House School, and for a few weeks Ealing Green campus of West London College.

We have seen a number of our students become more politically engaged, understanding the issues that they care about the most are political and that their opinions and views are valued.  -Ellie Rudd, Student Support Centre Manager at West London College

What was the reach of the programme?

86 Debate Club sessions

151 young people trained

3 Public debates

26 Students debating

161 in the audience

Debating develops a number of important skills in our students, listening, critical thinking, literacy and team work. It provides the opportunity to engage and understand local, national and world issues, promotes respect and understanding and builds confidence’ - Emma King, Student Engagement Manager, City and Islington College

What was the impact on participants?

82% improved their critical consumption skills

80% improved their teamworking skills

60% improved their communications skills

70% improved their teamworking skills

60% improved their communications skills

71% improved awareness of human rights, current, and global affairs

78% increased aspirations – more confident to carry on to higher education

89% increased self confidence

Summer term 2016 Pilot


The World Debate Club was born of a desire to encourage young people to have their say in the run up to the referendum on leaving the European Union in June 2016. iDebate ran a programme with Hackney Community College, and Ealing, Hammersmith and West London College as well as several schools to get young people debating the impact on Brexit on them.

The students loved the opportunity to debate in the Houses of Parliament and really valued the support from your team in helping them form their arguments. - Claudia Cowell, West London College

What was the reach of the programme?

The programme lasted for two months culminating with debates on leaving the EU.

21 Debate Club sessions

167 young people trained; 49 of those had four or more hours of training

3 debates

22 Students debating

190 in the audience including MPs, international delegations and NGOs.

Your amazing team has instilled a love of debating in our students. - Kayon Jackson, Stanborough School

What was the impact on participants?

8.5/10 rating given for training by participants.

94% would recommend the workshops to a friend.

33% interested in speaking in the public debate on the EU referendum.


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