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If there is a different way you would prefer to be contacted rather than by email, or if you dont check your email then add here. Please both add the form of contact (phone, WA, Telegram, fb messenger etc) and then the number or handle.
No need for an exact address at this stage. However the general place you live would be useful for telling us where you would likely be able to volunteer. Please note this volunteering is only for those in the UK. We currently have most opportunities in and around London, but if you are outside London we would be happy to work with you to create a club in a college or school local to you.
Please tell us how much experience you have in debating. This may be debating at University, in school, or in a debate club. Please note this is not compulsory, we do provide training.
This experience in training, particularly training young people, does not need to be debate related. It could be coaching, mentoring, or teaching in any subject.
Most of our debate clubs run on Wednesday afternoons so this is when we are most in need of volunteers. The exact time depends on the club but most start at 2 or 3pm. If you are not free at that time then we do have some clubs that run at other times but options will be more limited.
iDebate's clubs will be running throughout much of the academic year with breaks for holidays and near exam periods (this means from the end of September to end of April). We prefer to have the same volunteers working with clubs regularly with a few volunteers per club. If you are not able to provide a regular commitment then you could still be a useful volunteer acting as a reserve for when none of the regular volunteers are able to make it to a club.
Please tell us a bit about how you believe you can contribute to iDebate's activities and why you are interested in doing so.
Anything you think it might be useful for us to know.