Continuing our programmes near Finsbury park we bring our Cartooning for Change programme to the Edge Youth Hub on the 23rd August. We will be designing characters with a focus on how the character personifies the change you want to make.

We will be joined by Nigel Twumasi from Mayamada who designs British manga characters.  

The Programme:

10:15 (approx.) a short 5-minute introduction to Cartooning for Change to get you thinking about what you want to draw

Join us for the third in our series of IDEA Fellows workshops on debate and facilitation skills.

The IDEA Fellows help run iDebate's World Debate Clubs in schools and FE Colleges around London this training will introduce you to many of the skills you need both to debate and to run a club for young people. 

You can also join us if you are just interested in learning to debate or burnishing your public speaking skills (for a small fee, it is free for those signing up to be fellows).

If you are from 8 to 12 years old, near Finsbury Park, and are interested in learning a little about debate over the summer then why not join us for our junior debate training at The Edge Youth Hub? iDebate will be doing two workshops during the first two weeks August that will help teach you how to have a voice about the issues that matter to you.

Our sessions at The Edge:

Interested in giving young people a voice? In encouraging others to practice their freedom of speech? In inspiringing the next generation of debaters? Join iDebate for the second of our summer training workships to help you learn how to teach debate to others.

The session will be split into two halves, one for newcomers to the programme and one half for more advanced debating.

18:00-19:00 Induction for New IDEA Fellows by Bien King

The International Debate Education Association is providing the chance to debaters, educators, youth activists, legal students and professionals the opportunity to empower youth in the art of influence and persuasion.

IDEA UK will be running training for those taking part in the youth debate on the afternoon of the 26th.

The focus will be on working with team partners, preparing speeches and arguments, as well as answering final questions. No need to come for the whole thing it can be just for a short time. At around 16:30 we will head to Westminster. 

Training details:

Time: 12:30-16:30 26th June.

Location: 1 Frederick's Place, London, EC2R 8AE.

Closest Tube station: Bank which is on the Central line, Northern, DLR and Waterloo & City.