Cartooning for Change at The Edge Youth Hub

Continuing our programmes near Finsbury park we bring our Cartooning for Change programme to the Edge Youth Hub on the 23rd August. We will be designing characters with a focus on how the character personifies the change you want to make.

We will be joined by Nigel Twumasi from Mayamada who designs British manga characters.  

The Programme:

10:15 (approx.) a short 5-minute introduction to Cartooning for Change to get you thinking about what you want to draw

14:00 An introduction to character building

14:10 What do you want to draw; thinking time, questions and answers

14:20 Draw your character

14:50 Present your character

So if you are 8 to 12 years old, and are not sure what to do on the 23rd, why not try Cartooning for Change?