Easter Debate Training

IDEA UK is running debate training for those who are interested in taking part in our Parliament debate on the 26th April. This is to prepare for the debate. We will be refreshing the basics, learning advanced techniques, and working on the topics of the debate. 

Training will be taking place on the 5th, 7th, and 13th April from 14:00-17:00. Each training will be stand alone. 

5th: Refreshing the basics - we will have a fun and engaging afternoon going through the basics of argumentation with lots of exercises. We will be joined by Ahmed al-aagam with to double the fun!

7th: Public speaking - Learning how to speak well, some more advanced argumentation, and a practice debate.

13th: Practice and analysis - We will be analysing a debate, and analysing your debating skills in a practice debate. We hope to have university level debaters join us to help you work out how to polish your skills.

While this is not a training open to all there may still be spaces.

If interested email Bien.