iDebate starts off a new year by having a training session to teach you how to coach debate. The spring term for colleges and schools has started and iDebate’s clubs are beginning to restart after a break for Christmas. With a new term we need new coaches to help run our clubs, and by coming along to this training session you can find out how.

January 08, 2018

Tech City College hosted the first London iDebate Cup on Saturday. At iDebate we believe passionately in debate’s use as a tool to develop a wide range of very important skills for young people’s futures in employment. Skills like critical thinking (looking at your opponent’s arguments), creativity (how to attack that nicely buttressed debate point), analysis (make sure your arguments go in depth) as well as the obvious ones like communications and public speaking. As such our focus is on providing training, with the opportunity to debate in public.

December 11, 2017

It would seem to be a good thing that there is no section yet on this site telling you where we are located in the UK as we seem to be moving regularly. This time we say goodbye to ‘Fred’s Place’ near Bank and heading up to the second Bathtub2boardroom location in their Tech City Tub – located in Tech City College. This is north of our previous home approximately half way between Angel and Old Street stations on the Northern Line. We will be here over the summer – until around the end of August or beginning of September when the College term begins.

July 19, 2017