The Big Animal Research Debate continues to grow

The Big Animal Research Debate has been growing at a steady pace since IDEA UK began planning the project in February this year. Having started out with a small network of five debating societies, The Big Animal Research Debate has expanded to include debaters from over 30 universities.

When a debating society taking part in The Big Animal Research Debate confirms the date, time and location of its individual event, that information is added to the project’s debate locator page, which can be found at New debates are being added to the locator page regularly. From 13th October onwards, clicking the “Live” button on the far right of this site’s menu bar will display as custom list of all Big Animal Research Debate events taking place within the next 48 hours.

World class debating
Over the past eight months The Big Animal Research Debate has passed a series of important milestones, putting the project on course to be one of the biggest public speaking events ever attempted in the UK. IDEA UK has secured the participation of the Manchester Debating Union, which represents students from Manchester and Salford, including students attending the University of Manchester, the largest higher education institution in the UK. The debating society of Imperial College London, a world class university that focusses on teaching and research in the fields of science and medicine will also be taking part. The renowned Union Societies of the University of Cambridge and the University of Oxford will both be running Big Animal Research Debates during their weekly meetings.

Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial College Debating Society and the Manchester Debating Union are part of a line-up of university debating societies that also includes Kings College London, University College London, the Durham Union Society, Trinity College Dublin’s Literary and Philosophical Societies, Sheffield Debating Society and two powerhouses of UK competitive debating, the University of Warwick and the University of Nottingham.

Many of the events that make up the Big Animal Research Debate are accessible to the public. A number of the debates will be broadcast online. Several debates also feature high profile guest speakers from research and campaigning organisations involved in the on-going discussion about the future of animal research – including Professor Colin Blakemore and Dr Andrew Bennett, who will be speaking at the University of Nottingham’s Big Animal Research Debate.

About the Big Animal Research Debate
The Big Animal Research Debate is a new public debating project taking place in universities across Ireland, England, Scotland, Wales and beyond.

Between 14th and 17th October more than 20 university debating societies will hold public debates on the motion “This House would ban all forms of animal research”. A number of these debates will be streamed live on or made available to view on YouTube.

For more information about the Big Animal Research Debate or to get you university, school or college involved, get in touch by sending an email to