IDEA Fellows: Black History

Join us on the 9th October for an introduction to race through the medium of debate. It will be the first of our monthly preparation and best practice sessions for IDEA fellows. With October being Black History Month iDebate’s World Debate Clubs will also be focused on debating issues around race and discrimination.

The workshop will be a combination of debate training, learning about the topic through debate, and a chance to provide feedback from any sessions you have done and discuss the World Debate Club programme. We aim to stimulate discussion about issues to do with race, slavery, and how they are being dealt with such as through the Black Lives Matter movement.

We are inviting all of our fellows – particularly those who have already been involved in training at World Debate Clubs to come and take part. We do however still welcome those who are new to the fellowship. If this is your first time then do come and join in, see what we do and perhaps arrive slightly early, or stay a little late so that we can explain the programme to you. We still need new people like you to sign up to help us run and develop the World Debate Club programme.

So, if you are someone who believes in educating young people from marginalised backgrounds. Or if you believe in the power of public speaking and debate then join the IDEA Fellowship. Help us by training in a School or College for 1-2 hours a week on a Wednesday afternoon. Inspire and train young people to speak out on the issues they care about.

The workshop will be between 18:00 and 20:30 at the Theatres Trust on Charing Cross Road in London. 

Tea, Coffee and biscuits provided. 

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