iDebate (IDEA UK) has moved!

1 Frederick's Place, London EC2R 8AE

iDebate (IDEA UK) has moved office from Collaboration House in London's trendy Fitzrovia to our new 'meantime' space in the City of London. Our beloved Collaboration House is being redeveloped and we look forward to moving back in two years time to en exciting collaborative community space for charities working together to build open and tolerant societies led by The Fayre Share Foundation.

Collaboration House

But don't fret, our new offices at Frederick's Place, London, EC2R 8AE, are amazing, with wonderful spacious boardrooms and bags of office space for us to deliver debate coaching and capacity building workshops! We even have a pool table tucked away in the corner for those times when we aren't developing new debate education programmes and motions for your delight.