iDebate at Learner Voice 2017

iDebate was very pleased to be invited to take part in Ealing, Hammersmith and West London College’s Learner Voice 2017. A day long student conference Learner Voice focused on the power of voicing ideas and opinions. Numerous organisations taught students from the College about public speaking, activism, and how to organise a campaign. iDebate’s contribution was of course how to structure arguments and engage in debate. We debated issues around the atrocity in Manchester earlier in the week; whether the death penalty should apply to terrorists, and whether ticket sales from cancelled concerts should go to the victims. 

Since the end of the autumn term iDebate have been running a Debate Club at the Hammersmith Campus at Wednesday Lunchtimes. Janet Gardner, the College Principle, highlighted this club as one of the most popular changes among students, along with the introduction of Chromebooks.

In Hammersmith the club discusses current affairs issues, and moral issues both serious and trivial, that affect the students and has been regularly attended by more than thirty pupils interested in having their say. With the popularity of the debate club in Hammersmith iDebate is looking to set up clubs in the Ealing and Southall campuses next academic year as well as providing more training in those clubs.