Pledge: The Big Give Christmas Challenge

Pledge to help iDebate (the International Debate Education Association UK if you really must use the long version) make an impact. Fuel the power of persuasion by empowering young people to speak their views and opinions throigh debate clubs.

iDebate is taking part in the Big Give Christmas Challenge as part of which we want you to make a pledge. Want to know more about how you can help us through the challenge? Then read on.

What is it?

The Big Give Christmas Challenge is the UK’s largest online match funding campaign. This challenge allows gives us the opportunity to double, or even quadruple, donations made from the November 29th, 2017. This period is from ‘Giving Tuesday’ when the challenge goes live. During that period donors to the charity know their donation will likely be doubled through the pledges that the charity has already received.

How is this done?

This is done by first creating matching pots – from donors, grant making bodies, businesses etc – these are pledges which are used to double donations made in the run up to Christmas. This is what we are looking for at the moment.

You said Quadruple?

Yes. The matching pledges double donations but there are also ‘Champions’ who are the funders of ‘the Big Give’. Each selects which charities they want to support and contribute their matching pots to.

Why iDebate?

At iDebate we run World Debate Clubs to provide opportunities for marginalised young people in further education colleges. The gain and develop essential skills such as critical thinking, analysis and public speaking as well as having opportunities to debate in front of establishment figures. Through debate we can enhance civic awareness and knowledge, increase self esteem, and help tackle social exclusion.

With volunteers from top universities and corporates we currently run a dozen clubs across London. Your pledges and donations will enable us to continue running these clubs and open more in Colleges near you.

What we have achieved?

In the last five years, we have enabled over 1500 marginalised youth in the UK to develop their 21st Century skills for the Knowledge Economy, these include intercultural fluency, self-esteem and critical thinking and analysis skills. 77% of our participants say they feel more confident about continuing education and going on to university while 70% say they are better at responding critically to others.

Why pledge?

Our aim is to empower more young people through the medium of debate education. Through education, we can increase social mobility. Among other benefits this allows greater opportunity for young women to represent themselves at leadership table and in politics. £4500 will pay for one World Debate Club in a FE College for young people for a whole year and contribute to the valuable education of young people which lasts a lifetime.

Research has shown that by engaging in Match Funding campaigns, 84% of donors are more likely to donate to the campaign and increase their donation by 2.5 times!

How do I get involved?

By getting involved in the Big Give Christmas Campaign, you can help to make a difference in the lives of marginalised and deprived young people around the world.

What are you waiting for?!

Click here to make a pledge promise to us.