Shabana Mahmood MP endorses the Big Animal Research Debate

Labour's Shadow Minister for Universities and Science, Shabana Mahmood MP, has endorsed the Big Animal Research Debate. Earlier today Ms Mahmood said

“It’s important that students are encouraged to take an active part in debating important and controversial issues – including those around science and research. I hope as many students, schools and universities as possible are able to participate in The Big Animal Research Debate”.

Ms Mahmood is the Member of Parliament for Birmingham Ladywood. She attended the University of Oxford where she was awarded the Ashurst Morris Crisp Prize for Best Performance in the Lawyer’s Ethics finals examination by the University.

About the Big Animal Research Debate
The Big Animal Research Debate is a new public debating project taking place in universities across Ireland, England, Scotland, Wales and beyond.

Between 14th and 17th October more than 20 university debating societies will hold public debates on the motion “This House would ban all forms of animal research”. Many of the events debates will be streamed live on or made available to view on YouTube.

For more information about the Big Animal Research Debate or to get you university, school or college involved, get in touch by sending an email to

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