World Debate Club begins, now preparing for the Black History Month

The World Debate Club has officially started in several colleges across London. We are currently running clubs in Barking and Dagenham College, City and Islington College, Tech City College, Lambeth College and Queen's Park Community School, and Avanti House School. Sooner, these number will be double when New City College (Hackney and Tower Hamlets campuses), Ealing Hammersmith and West London College (Hammersmith and Ealing campuses), and LeSoCo begins the World Debate Club in their respective colleges in October. We are also anticipating several other colleges to sign up early next year and we are definitely getting busier to accommodate the rapid growth of the WDC.

The WDC programme is being run simultaneously with the IDEA Fellowship programme. Once the Fellows finally are prepared to immerse in selected colleges, they are tasked to facilitate the weekly workshop sessions, provide mentorship and coaching advice throughout the club duration. All Fellows are eager to step up their debating facilitation skills to create a greater impact on the lives of many young people in the city. Our Fellows are professionals from prestigious companies, national and international non-profit organisations and from London-based universities. The WDC and the IDEA Fellowship mutually sustains the development of other projects by IDEA.

The month of October is the Black History Month. We look forward to running the World Club with topics focused on the history and the current development and recognition of the Black History in the UK and across the globe.

Several ways you can participate in the Black History Month through IDEA:

  1. Black History Month workshop at Hackney Community College. Happening on the 4th of October from 1PM to 4PM at Room A103.
  2. IDEA Fellows Masterclass at Theatres Trust. Happening on the 9th of October from 6PM to 8:30PM. RSVP at:
  3. Get in touch with Bien at for collaboration and/or inquire about how to setup a debate club in your neighbourhood.

More upcoming events are lined up this fall, stay tuned!