iDebate’s Debatabase is an authoritative collection of hundreds of debates mostly written by experienced debaters. They cover issues from the affirmative action to Zimbabwe, on all sorts of themes including politics, economics, religion, culture, science and society. Indeed, so long as there are two roughly equal sides to a topic then we would like to have it on the Debatabase. The Debatabase provides the opportunity to show both sides of an issue at once with each side having space to counter the main arguments of the other side. By showing both sides on one page and highlighting which arguments counter which the Debatabase encourages readers to think about which side they agree with as well as looking more deeply into an issue so reducing the possibility of filter bubbles.  

While much of the Debatabase is in English there are also debates in other languages such as Arabic and Russian.

So who are the debates be useful for?

  1. For debaters they provide useful preparation material and examples
  2. They are used in debate training
  3. Anyone who is interested in a starting point on the issues our debates cover
  4. Anyone who wants to read both sides of the debate to be able to come to an informed choice
  5. For your homework! But remember not to just copy it all! We want you to think about the arguments on the Debatabase - which side do you agree with and why?

In the UK we work to edit, to moderate, and to expand the English language debatabase. But we can’t do it alone.

Help us to expand the Debatabase!

Are you a debater who wants to pass on their knowledge to a younger generation? Or a frustrated writer burning to write in a different format to the usual essay or blog? Or have a particular interest and knowledge in an individual issue that you want to share? iDebate’s Debatabase needs new writers to keep adding to our collection of debates.

Writing for us is simple and can be done from home, and given the breadth of the Debatabase we are sure that there will be a topic you are interested in that you can write about.

If you are interested then please email Alex Helling who will tell you more about how to do it.

 Project Partners

IDEA provided me with tools, resources and basics for my debate competition. It helped me get some good counter points to attack my opposition. Thanks to IDEA resources I was able to get additional arguments and pints and more realistic examples.

Rishab Kumar Debater

Hackney students debate what to do about knife crime