“Art has always been used as a form of expression for people who are oppressed in some way… so artivism is very important for different communities, marginalized communities” - Jo-Ann Hamilton from Empower Women at UN Womens Global Movement

Debate is about expressing yourself. But what do you do if you can’t express yourself in words? How about you release your expressiveness through drawing!

The Arts are vital to our long-term economy and society, it is also an invaluable tool for educators to engage marginalised and disillusioned groups to cultural learning.

Draw Comics to Change the World takes the Arts, specifically comics and cartoons as a starting point to engage groups who are not engaging in civil society and empowers them to design and draw their own cartoons, comics, social media meme's and info-graphics, to learn to question and think critically of the world around them.

In 2016 IDEA UK will be running Draw Comics to Change the World as a programme during the school holidays. We have yet to confirm dates and locations.

If you are interested, either in having a workshop for a group you work with, or in participating in a workshop then please email Alex.

 Project Partners

IDEA provided me with tools, resources and basics for my debate competition. It helped me get some good counter points to attack my opposition. Thanks to IDEA resources I was able to get additional arguments and pints and more realistic examples.

Rishab Kumar Debater

Hackney students debate what to do about knife crime