Meet Duncan Crowe the latest addition to the iDebate team... when he's not debating he is sleeping and dreaming up new debate motions.  

Duncan graduated from the University of Cambridge and Glasgow University and brings a wealth of debate coaching experience, having been actively involved in debate since 2008. (World Universities finalist in 2014, European Universities finalist in 2015, European Universities semifinalist in 2013,)

Prior to joining iDebate Duncan was Director of Debate Training at St Andrews and Professor of Debate at the University of Vermont. He has training breaking teams at Malaysia WUDC and Zagreb EUDC. He has been Chief Adjudicator at tournaments in North America, Africa, the Netherlands, England and Scotland and judged the 2016 Worlds Grand Final.

Duncan is  Chief Adjudicator for the Scottish EUDC 2018 and lead on the development of the World Debate Club programme to develop debate and dialogue skills.

Job Title 
Debate Coordinator