Rank Total views Top 100 Debates
1 617,734 This House believes single-sex schools are good for education
2 418,147 This House would ban animal testing
3 375,547 This House would ban homework
4 359,755 This House supports the death penalty
5 348,129 This House believes reality television does more harm than good
6 341,381 This House believes university education should be free
7 305,939 This House believes the internet brings more harm than good
8 300,020 Homework is a waste of time. (Junior)
9 288,776 This house would raise the legal driving age to 18
10 247,066 This house Would Ban School Uniforms - Junior
11 231,169 This House Believes that assisted suicide should be legalized
12 221,154 This House believes wild animals should not be kept in captivity
13 220,664 Every child should have a mobile phone. (Junior)
14 217,662 This house would ban cosmetic surgery
15 213,164 This House believes that children should be allowed to own and use mobile phones.
16 208,447 This House believes Tennessee is correct to protect teachers who wish to explore the merits of creationism
17 195,698 This House believes mothers should stay at home and look after their children.
18 192,188 This House would legalize the sale of human organs
19 182,339 This House believes science is a threat to humanity
20 172,171 This House would ban junk food from schools.
21 159,318 This House believes that advertising is harmful
22 157,786 This House would Censor the Internet
23 151,595 This House believes that cannabis should be legalised
24 149,235 This House believes that capitalism is better than socialism
25 138,933 This House would ban beauty contests
26 134,513 This house believes parents should be able to choose the sex of their children
27 132,284 This House believes homosexuals should be able to adopt.
28 130,365 This House would ban the sale of violent video games/censor violent video games.
29 128,261 This House Believes Terrorism can be justified
30 125,985 This House believes that parents should be held responsible for their school-going children's discipline problems.
31 125,407 This House Would Ban Human Cloning.
32 124,865 This House would ban boxing.
33 123,132 This house would ban smoking in public spaces
34 121,989 This house would allow gay couples to marry
35 121,049 This House Would Lower The Drinking Age
36 119,915 This House believes criminal justice should focus more on rehabilitation.
37 117,798 This house would make voting compulsory
38 116,720 This house believes extra-curricular activities in schools should be formally recognised.
39 115,662 This House believes that the United Nations has failed
40 112,787 This house believes that developed countries have a higher obligation to combat climate change than developing countries
41 112,726 This house would allow prisoners to vote
42 112,229 This House would permit the use of performance enhancing drugs in professional sports
43 112,051 This House believes that marriage is an outdated institution
44 109,634 This house would make physical education compulsory
45 107,440 This House believes all nations have a right to nuclear weapons
46 106,818 This House would hold students legally responsible for bullying if it resulted in the victim's death
47 106,298 This house believes that housewives should be paid for their work
48 105,492 This House would restrict advertising aimed at children
49 104,523 Neo-functionalism explains the integration of the European Union
50 102,540 This House would arm teachers
51 101,834 This House would legalise Prostitution
52 100,941 This House Would Implement A Fat Tax
53 100,847 This house Would reintroduce Corporal Punishment in Schools
54 99,162 This House would ban gambling
55 98,311 This House Believes that religion does more harm than good
56 98,254 This House would go vegetarian
57 97,741 This house believes that hosting the Olympics is a good investment
58 97,388 This house supports home schooling
59 96,349 This House would limit the right to bear arms
60 94,419 This house believes that internet access is a human right
61 94,408 This House would ban music containing lyrics that glorify violent and criminal lifestyles
62 94,268 This House would introduce child curfews
63 93,830 This house would legalize polygamy
64 92,698 This House would ban child performers
65 92,576 This house Believes People Should Not Keep Pets
66 91,383 This house believes that animals have rights.
67 90,736 This House would ban teachers from interacting with students via social networking websites.
68 88,888 This House would arm the police
69 88,542 This House would give illegal immigrants drivers licenses
70 88,166 This House believes that it is sometimes right for the government to restrict freedom of speech
71 86,903 This House supports random drug-testing in schools
72 86,439 This House would use torture to obtain information from suspected terrorists.
73 84,382 This House would make all parents attend parenting classes
74 84,367 This House believes social deprivation causes crime.
75 81,628 This House would ban alcohol
76 80,850 This House would ban the development of genetically modified organisms
77 77,883 This House would make sex education mandatory in schools
78 76,846 This House would go nuclear
79 75,311 This house believes that newspapers are a thing of the past
80 74,692 This House would ban the use of animals as objects of sport and entertainment
81 73,548 This house believes in the woman's right to choose
82 73,185 This House would force feed sufferers of Anorexia Nervosa
83 70,197 This House believes we're too late on global climate change
84 70,057 That The UK Should Have a Written Constitution
85 69,639 This House believes that bribery is sometimes acceptable
86 69,601 This House believes that music that glorifies violence against women should be banned.
87 69,489 This House would ban religious symbols in public buildings
88 68,594 This house believes the internet encourages democracy
89 68,338 This House Would Distribute Condoms in Schools (Junior)
90 68,313 This House would ban smacking
91 65,486 This house believes that the United States should be isolationist
92 64,703 This house would further restrict smoking
93 64,448 This House would impose democracy
94 64,267 This House believes that downloading music without permission is morally equivalent to theft
95 64,092 This House would abolish the monarchy.
96 63,777 This House Would Promote Safe Sex through Education at Schools
97 63,755 This House Would Abolish nuclear weapons
98 63,463 This House believes that endangered species should be protected
99 63,361 This House would explore the universe
100 63,353 This House would as the United States ban assault weapons